Beneath´s music can best be described as melodic and brutal, beauty and beast, acoustic and distorted, singing and growling. Take the aggression of thrash metal and the melancholy of twin guitar harmonies, add traditional songwriting and the furiosity of hard core and you might get the picture.

Beneath is a Swedish thrash metal project consisting of longtime friends with an extensive musical history together. Beneath was formed in 1994 and has existed in different forms ever since. Beneath recorded their first, unofficial, EP ‘Black Rain’ in late 1994 – early 1995. Still searching for their musical identity, they covered favorite bands like Slayer, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Kiss, Black Sabbath and Danzig.

The following years Beneath recorded the EPs ‘Earn’ (1996), ‘The Weight We Carry’ (1998), ‘Everything Ends’ (1999), ‘Demon Seed’ (2000) and ‘Time Hysteria’ (2002). During this period Beneath were active in ‘Ritualmord’, a collection of bands arranging local gigs in Falköping, Sweden. In its career Beneath has played with great bands like Sacramentum, Abandon and Lobotomy, and their EPs have gotten great reviews in magazines and net zines worldwide.

In 2008 Beneath began working on material for a full length album. Daniel Josefsson, Anders Lindgren (Hell ‘N’ Diesel, Valinor’s Tree, Beyond Twilight) and Tony Gelander (Obstinat, Rising Faith) helped record the guitar tracks. The record was mixed by Ola Sivefäldt (Valinor’s Tree) at Frostbite Studios and mastered by Dragan Tanaskovic at Bohus Sound.

Beneath anno 2014 still consists of the same core members whose common goal to release a full length album has now culminated in the album ‘Antidote’.  Although Beneath in its current form is a one-album project, you never know what the future holds. Antidote was a great experience and therefore the possibility that Beneath will work together again is always there.